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Breeding Does

Althought none of the does at DW Farms are trained to harness yet, they are in a breeding program to develop a carting type of goats. 
These 4 original does were part of my Registered Boer goat herd, after raising the boers for a couple years, I decided thats not the area I was really intrested in. So these 4 girls were kept back, due to there comformation, easy keeping abilites and temperments.

DW Farms Gabbi


D.O.B - 2005

Really strong, tall girl. Really excited to see this girl throw some awesome carting prospects. Nice horn set and moves out nice.

2KS Flower Doe


D.O.B- May

75% ABGA Boer Doe
Flower has the sweetest temperment! and passes it on! Correct doe

Stoney Point Farms Fiesta


D.O.B -

94% ABGA Boer Doe

Very easy keeping doe, nice width and length with correct legs. Excited to see what she crosses with our new buck.

Stoney Point Farms Lauren


D.O.B -
75% ABGA Boer Doe
Correct doe, usually throws a nice single buckling.